VMware Desktop and Mobility認定は、VMware vSphereの実装に導入されたView Horizon with View環境の設計、インストール、および管理のスキルレベルを測定するように設計されています。
VCP6-DTM認定試験に合格することでVMware Desktop and Mobility資格の一つです。
2V0-651試験に順調に合格することを望むなら、PassexamのVMware VCP6-DTM資格2V0-651問題集を使用する必要があります。
最新のVMware VCP6-DTM資格2V0-651勉強資料を渡すために成功を支援することを約束することができます。
弊社のVMware VCP6-DTM資格2V0-651学習材料を使用すると、楽にこの夢を実現することができます。
弊社のVMware VCP6-DTM資格2V0-651参考書は本番の試験と同じ問題が出題されます。

VMware VCP6-DTM資格2V0-651受験体験記には、下記のとおりです

1.Passexamの模擬試験をやり新規の問題でも90%以上の正解率を確保できる ことを確認して受験しました。



弊社のVMware VCP6-DTM資格2V0-651テキストの内容からの出題であり、練習問題と同じ問題もあったので簡単でした。
弊社のVMware VCP6-DTM資格2V0-651問題集を一通り学習する事で、高得点が狙えると思います。
最新のVMware VCP6-DTM資格2V0-651受験対策をしっかり理解し、暗記すればなんとか試験合格できます。


試験名称:VMware Certified Professional 6 — Desktop and Mobility Exam
試験製品:Horizon 6(表示あり)
検証済み:Horizon 6(ビュー付き)

VCP6-DTM認定資格者は、VMware Horizon 6(Viewを使用して)環境の詳細な設定と管理を実践するスキルを証明しています。

VMware VCP6-DTM資格2V0-651試験合格は、企業のポリシー基準を満たすパーソナライズされた仮想デスクトップを安全に提供できることを証明しています。


+セクション5:VMware Mirageのインストール、構成、および管理
+セクション6:VMware Workspace Portalのインストール、設定、および管理

弊社のVMware VCP6-DTM資格2V0-651試験資料を勉強する必要があります。
弊社のVMware VCP6-DTM資格2V0-651受験対策を勉強すると、実務で使えるレベルの能力を身につける上では、実機での操作にどれだけ習熟しています。
弊社のVMware VCP6-DTM資格2V0-651学習資料を購入したら、最も重要な試験準備のことを実現できます。

1.An administrator needs to ensure that the Horizon View environment accounts for single points of failure.
Which type of server should the administrator install in addition to the Horizon View Connection server?
A. vCenter Operations for Horizon server
B. Security server
C. Replica server
D. Mirage server
Answer: C

2.An administrator needs to provide access to applications for users regardless of whether the users have network access.
Which two VMware components should the administrator choose? (Choose two.)
A. VMware Workspace
B. VMware ThinApp
C. VMware Horizon View
D. VMware Mirage
Answer: B, D

3.An administrator needs to create 1000 virtual machines with minimal shared disk space. Additionally, the administrator needs to be able to update the images while ensuring that the users’ information is managed in a central location.
Which VMware components should be used to meet the requirements?
A. VMware Horizon View with Persona Management
B. VMware Horizon View with vSphere Data Protection
C. VMware Workspace with vSphere Data Protection
D. VMware Workspace with Persona Management
Answer: A

4.What two prerequisites must be met before View Composer can be installed? (Choose two.)
A. No other application on the View Composer server should use Windows SSLv2 libraries.
B. A domain user account with Administrator privileges on the system must be used.
C. No other application on the View Composer server should use OpenSSLv2 libraries.
D. A local user account with Administrator privileges on the system must be used.
Answer: A, B

5.An administrator needs to install View Composer. The current environment uses a vCenter Server appliance and four ESXi hosts.
Which two steps should the administrator take to complete the installation? (Choose two.)
A. Log in using a domain user account with local Administrator privileges.
B. Install the View Composer server on the vCenter Server.
C. Log in using Administrator@vsphere.local.
D. Install the View Composer server on a standalone Windows server.
Answer: A, D

6.Which prerequisite must an administrator verify before installing a View Connection server?
A. Internet Information Services (IIS)
B. Dynamic IP address
C. Apache Web Server
D. Static IP address
Answer: D

7.An administrator is performing a silent installation of a View Connection Server and needs to ensure that the firewall settings are enabled during the install.
Which parameter should the administrator use?
Answer: B

8.An administrator is installing View Connection server and stops at the Authorize a View Administrators account step.
Which user or group is the default suggestion at this stage?
A. The Domain Admins group
B. The local user performing the install
C. The local Administrators group
D. The domain user performing the install
Answer: D

9.An administrator has installed a View security server and needs to verify that the installation was successful.
In addition to the security server, which three services should be installed? (Choose three.)
A. VMware View Framework
B. VMware View Security Framework
C. VMware View PCoIP Secure Gateway
D. VMware View Security Gateway
E. VMware View Framework Gateway
Answer: A, C, D

10.An administrator is performing a silent installation of a security server and needs to ensure that clients can remotely access their desktops using View’s default protocol.
Which parameter should the administrator use?
Answer: C

11.An administrator has installed View and needs to configure the PCoIP settings via a Group Policy Object (GPO).
What should the administrator do first?
A. Create a GPO and apply the required policy settings.
B. Add pcoip.adm to the Administrative Templates on a View Connection server.
C. Link the GPO to the Organizational Unit (OU) that contains the virtual desktops.
D. Add pcoip.adm to the Administrative Templates on an Active Directory server.
Answer: D

12.An administrator needs to provide access to a View virtual desktop for users in Domain A and Domain B.
How should the administrator configure the domains and the View implementation?
A. Install a View Connection Server in a resource domain and create a one-way trust to both Domain A and Domain B.
B. Install a View Connection Server in Domain A and create a one-way trust to Domain B.
C. Install a View Connection Server in Domain A and create a two-way trust between Domain A and Domain B.
D. Install a View Connection Server in a resource domain and create a two-way transitive trust between Domain A and Domain B.
Answer: C



1V0-701試験合格を目指すのであれば、PassexamのVMware VCA-DBT資格1V0-701問題集を解くだけでもできます。
弊社のVMware VCA-DBT資格1V0-701問題集を使用すれば、試験を独学で学習できます。
弊社のVMware VCA-DBT資格1V0-701学習教材がどんな問題があっても、あるいは君の試験を失敗したら、私たちは全額返金するのを保証いたします。
的中率はとても高い弊社のVMware VCA-DBT資格1V0-701参考書だけで試験に合格することができます。
弊社の1V0-701参考書を解きながらVMware VCA-DBTの試験内容の理解をする。
最新のVMware VCA-DBT資格1V0-701試験材料を勉強することだけで楽に試験に合格することができます。



試験名称:VMware Certified Associate – Digital Business Transformation (VCA-DBT) Exam
推奨トレーニング:VMware Learning ZoneのVCA-DBTトレーニングモジュール
フォーマット:オンラインでのプロキシなし – 複数選択、ドラッグ&ドロップ、マッチング

最小認定候補者(MQC)は、VMware VCA-DBT認定資格を持つ個人の期待にちょうど合致する最小限の知識、スキル、経験、能力を備えた認定候補者を概念化したものです。

VMware VCA-DBT資格1V0-701試験は、業界で認知されている仮想化の概念を理解し、VMware製品、基盤技術、およびソリューションを認識しています。

MQCは、VMwareクロスクラウドアーキテクチャとVMwareソリューションドメイン(vSphere、vSAN、NSX、vRealize Suite、Horizon 7 Suiteなど)に精通しています。


セクション1 – Vmwareクロスクラウドアーキテクチャの定義と記述
セクション2 – vSphereソリューションの定義と記述
セクション3 – vSANソリューションの定義と記述
セクション4 – NSXソリューションの定義と記述
セクション5 – vRealize Suiteソリューションの定義と記述
セクション6 – Horizo??n Suiteソリューションの定義と説明
セクション7 – 顧客の要件を満たすソリューションに適した製品を推奨する

受験者はピアソンVUE社にログインして、ウェッブよりVMware VCA-DBT資格1V0-701受験を予約します。
弊社のVMware VCA-DBT資格1V0-701学習資料は試験問題公式テキストともに質が高く、実践的な知識の習得を目指す上でお勧め出来ます。
弊社のVMware VCA-DBT資格1V0-701参考書について、1回全て読み通したあと、1V0-701問題と解答だけ解くことを1回繰り返します。

1.Which is the main differentiator for VMware vSAN when compared to a Virtual Storage Appliance
A. VMware vSAN is integrated into the ESXi Kernel.
B. VMware vSAN can be implemented with external storage.
C. VMware vSAN is implemented as a virtual Appliance.
D. A VSA is tightly integrated with VMkernel.
Answer: D

Comparing VMware VSA & VMware Virtual SAN

2.Which two statements about VMware Horizon View Administrator are TRUE? (Choose two)
A. VMware Horizon View Administrator can be installed on a vCenter Server that manages virtual
B. VMware Horizon View Administrator is installed with the Horizon View Connection Server.
C. VMware Horizon View Administrator is a software service that acts as a broker for client connections.
D. VMware Horizon View Administrator allows administrators to manage Horizon View Connection Server
instances from anywhere without having to install an application on their local computers.
Answer: AB

3.Which four application services are delivered by VMware Horizon 7? (Choose four.)
A. Packaged apps with VMware ThinApp
B. Virtualized apps from Citrix
C. SaaS apps
D. Helpdesk ticketing system
E. RDS hosted apps
F. Anti-virus services
Answer: ABCE

4.Which feature of VMware vSphere will automate the process of migrating virtual machines to fewer
hosts during times of low workloads?
Answer: A

5.Which two statements are true for vRealize Business for Cloud? (Choose two.)
A. It provides costing for non-vSphere workload by directly integrating with them.
B. It provides public cloud costing, consumption analysis, and pricing.
C. It collects performance data through the agents that are deployed in the cloud workloads.
D. It provides costing for native services hosted on AWS and Azure cloud.
E. It provides Automatic private cloud metering, costing, and pricing.
Answer: BE



VMware vSphere 6.5により、企業はクラウドコンピューティングへのデジタル変換を加速し、ビジネスの機敏性を高めるいくつかの新機能を導入することができます。
2V0-622PSE認定試験だけ欲しいならPassexamのVMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-622PSE問題集の丸暗記で取れると思います。
独学で勉強をするときに、高精度のVMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-622PSE勉強資料を提供し、気楽に試験に合格することができます。
弊社のVMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-622PSE試験対策を使用すると、基礎的な知識があれば3日あれば合格可能です。



VMware VCP6.5-DCV資格により、業界をリードする仮想化プラットフォームの最新バージョンでの専門知識を証明する機会が提供されます。


この業界で認定された認定資格は、ベストプラクティスを使用して、クラウドコンピューティングへの移行を加速するビジネス機敏性のための強力で柔軟性のある安全な基盤を提供する、vSphere V6.5インフラストラクチャの実装、管理、およびトラブルシューティング方法を知っていることを検証します。

弊社のVMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-622PSE参考書はPDFとソフト版が含まれてます。
PDF版 いつでも、携帯電話、コンピュータ、タブレットPCで勉強してもいいです。
ソフト版は真実のVMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-622PSE試験環境と同じです。受験者のために、試験環境を適応することができます。
弊社のVMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-622PSE参考書だけで合格された方は素晴らしいと思います。
実際のVMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-622PSE試験はこれよりも難しいので、きちんと内容を理解しておく必要があります。

1.Which is the purpose of VM Component Protection (VMCP)?
A. Reconnect virtual NICs that become disconnected
B. Respond when a datastore encounters a PDL or APD failure.
C. Restart applications when they are no longer running.
D. Respond when viruses are detected inside a virtual machine.
Answer: B

2.Which is required by vCenter Converter Standalone to convert a physical Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 machine to a virtual machine?
A. The Linux machine must be powered off.
B. The Linux machine must have the SSH daemon started.
C. The Linux machine must use a static IP address.
D. The Linux machine must have a fully-qualified domain name.
Answer: C

3.An administrator is troubleshooting network communications between a vCenter Server and an ESXi 6.5 host.Which log shows the related events between these components?
A. /var/log/fdm.log
B. /var/log/vpxa.log
C. /var/log/hostd.log
D. /var/log/auth.log
Answer: B

4.Which two statements are true for Predictive DRS? (Choose two.)
A. It balances resource utilization for virtual machines with unpredictable utilization patterns.
B. It integrates DRS with vRealize Operations Manager to balance workloads for virtual machines before resource utilization spikes occur.
C. It balances resource utilization based on a threshold’s algorithm that runs each night.
D. It determines the best placementand balance of virtual machines based on a threshold’s algorithm that runs each night in vCenter Server 6.5 Database.
Answer: B,D

5.Which two situations could cause a virtual machine to appear with (orphaned) appended to its name? (Choose two.)
A. if a host failover is unsuccessful
B. if a virtual machine was removed from vCenter Server’s inventory
C. if avirtual machine was deployed from template, and the template has been deleted
D. if a virtual machine is unregistered directly on the host
Answer: A,D

6.An administrator has recently upgraded from vSphere 6.0 to 6.5, and can no longer see the software iSCSI named vmhba33.Which could be the reason for this?
A. The upgrade has changed the vmhba name.
B. vSphere 6.5 automates iSCSI configurations.
C. vSphere 6.5 no longer supports software iSCSI.
D. The upgrade has deleted the vmhba.
Answer: A

7.Which two statements are true about Permanent Device Loss (PDL)? (Choose two.)
A. All paths are shown asDeadfor the affected device.
B. The datastore cluster is incorrectly configured.
C. Thedatastore on the affected device shown a yellow warning sign.
D. The datastore on the affected device shows a red error sign.
E. The operational state of the affected device changes toLost Communication.
Answer: A,B

8.An administrator is trying to vMotion a VM from his datacenter to a recovery site. Which is the maximum allowed RTT (Round-Trip Time) latency between source and destination host?
A. 100 milliseconds
B. 150 milliseconds
C. 15 milliseconds
D. 10 milliseconds
Answer: B

9.Which is required for configuring iSCSI Software Adapter network port binding?
A. VMkernel of the iSCSI traffic must be load balanced using Route based on IP Hash algorithm.
B. VMkernel of theiSCSI traffic must be load balanced using Route based on Source Virtual Port ID algorithm.
C. VMkernel of the iSCSI traffic must be load balanced using Route based on Source MAC Hash algorithm.
D. VMkernel of the iSCSI traffic must be bound to only one active network adapter.
Answer: D

10.In vSphere Data Protection 6.1, which is the function of a Backup Verification job?
A. None. Backup Verification job is not a feature of vSphere Data Protection
B. It is a manual task- Power it on-Verify the guest OS- Check started applications
C. It is an automatic process- Restore a virtual machine- Power it on- Verify that the guest OS is booted by communicating with the Backup Verification agent
D. It is an automatic process- Restore avirtual machine- Power it on- Verify that the guest OC is booted by detecting the VMware ToolsTM “heartbeats” Answer: D



VCP7-DTM資格2V0-751試験では、VMware HorizonView?環境のインストール、設定、および管理に関するスキルと能力がテストされます。
弊社のVMware VCP6-DCV 2V0-621受験対策は正解率が高いものです。






試験名称:VMware Certified Professional 7 — Desktop and Mobility Exam
推奨トレーニング:VMware Horizon 7:[V7]のインストール、設定、管理
検証済み:VMware Horizon View 7
試験の情報最終更新日:31 January 2017

VCP7-DTM認定資格者は、VMware Horizon 7(View付き)環境の詳細な設定と管理を実践していることが実証されています。



セクション1 – Horizon Serverコンポーネントのインストールと構成
セクション2 – プールの作成と構成
セクション3 – VMwareの構成と管理
セクション4 – Identity Managerの設定と管理
セクション5 – ユーザー環境の構成と管理
セクション6 – アプリケーションの設定と管理
セクション7 – HorizonのvRealizeオペレーションの設定


1.What task is a prerequisite before installing View Composer?
A. Configure an SSL Certificate for View Composer that is signed by a Certificate Authority (CA).
B. Enable TLSv1.0 security protocol.
C. Create a database and data source name (DSN).
D. Pair the connection server with the security server.
Answer: C

2.Which device section contains a VMware Mirage endpoint that could be centralized utilizing Wake-on-LAN?
A. Assigned Devices
B. Rejected Devices
C. Problematic Devices
D. Pending Devices
Answer: D

3.To use PCoIP with a physical machine, what must be installed on the machine?
A. Nvidia K2 Grid card
B. Teradici hardware card
C. Unidesk agent software
D. Wireless network card
Answer: B

4.Where can an administrator verify that the vSphere Infrastructure version will support the latest version of View?
A. Known Issues list for Horizon 7
B. VMware Hardware Compatibility List
C. VMware Product Interoperability Matrixes
D. Release Notes for Horizon 7
Answer: B

5.When troubleshooting issues with the View Agent, which tool can be used to generate a Data Collection Tool (DCT) bundle?
A. msiexec
B. vdmadmin
C. vdmutil
D. lmvutil
Answer: B

6.Which two operating systems are supported when creating a master image for instant clones? (Choose two.)
A. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
B. Microsoft Windows 8.1
C. Microsoft Windows 10
D. Microsoft Windows 7
Answer: C,D

7.After creating a new desktop pool that contains customization specifications, the administrator sees the following message in the VMware Horizon event database: Provisioning error occurred for Machine Machine_Name: Customization failed for Machine What are the two most likely causes of this problem? (Choose two.)
A. The administrator does not have sufficient permissions to access the customization specification.
B. Desktops can only be customized after the end user logs into the virtual machine.
C. The customization specification has been renamed or deleted.
D. Desktop pool provisioning is disabled.
Answer: C,D

8.An administrator is creating an instant clone pool. During the Add pool wizard process, the Administrator gets to the vCenter Server page, selects “Instant Clones” and notices that the “Next” button is grayed out. What is the cause?
A. The administrator must open PowerCLI, issue the cmdletmkfs –t ext3 /“My Folder”/”My Disks”to add additional space.
B. The VMware View Connection Server service is halted and must be restarted.
C. The administrator does not have sufficient privileges.
D. In the wizard, the Administrator must click on the desired vCenter server in the vCenter Server section.
Answer: D

9.When configuring a Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 virtual machine as a single-session View desktop, what Microsoft Windows role or feature must be installed to access the desktop using HTML?
A. Remote Access
B. Desktop Experience
C. Hyper-V
D. Web Server (IIS)
Answer: C

10.Which two capabilities are true for Writable Volumes? (Choose two.)
A. They can be used to enable users to install their own applications.
B. They can be used to store local profile information.
C. They can be used with RDS session hosts.
D. They can be connected to more than one virtual machine at the same time. Answer: A,B



受験者はVMware VCP6-DCV資格2V0-621D試験の準備が十分になりますか?
VMware VCP6-DCV資格2V0-621D試験をパスするために必要なものはPassexam問題集と思います。
弊社のVMware VCP6-DCV資格2V0-621D問題集は問題を解いている最適は思います。
弊社のVMware VCP6-DCV資格2V0-621D参考書を使って、受験の得る新しい解決方法を提供して、8時間から12時間ぐらいかかるなら、一発合格が可能です。
弊社のVMware VCP6-DCV資格2V0-621D試験材料を勉強することだけで楽に試験に合格することができます。
弊社のVMware VCP6-DCV資格2V0-621D勉強資料を自力で独学で勉強し合格した時と比較し非常に好成績を取得できます。










【出題形式 】





「VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization Delta Exam」試験 (2V0-621D)は、制限時間 105 分、出題数 65 問、試験言語 英語と日本語、合格点 300点、試験形式 単一選択及び複数選択、受験料 250米ドルのVCP6-DCV認定資格に関連する試験です。

VMware VCP6-DCV資格2V0-621D試験では、VMware vSphere 6環境のインストール、展開、拡張、および管理に必要なスキルがあることを検証します。

PassexamのVMware VCP6-DCV資格2V0-621D参考書はPDF版とソフト版を提供しますので、どこでも勉強してもいいです。
最新のVMware VCP6-DCV資格2V0-621D試験資料で常時90%以上取れるようになるまで繰り返す。
最新のVMware VCP6-DCV資格2V0-621D試験材料を勉強することだけで楽に試験に合格することができます。
VMware VCP6-DCV資格2V0-621D問題でぴたり一致&類似問題はせいぜい9割程度です。

VMware VCP6-DCV資格2V0-621D試験の出題範囲となる内容は次のとおりです

+セクション5:vSphere 6.xリソースの管理と管理

実際のVMware VCP6-DCV資格2V0-621D試験はこれよりも難しいので、きちんと内容を理解しておく必要があります。
最新のVMware VCP6-DCV資格2V0-621D問題集は何度も繰り返し勉強し、正答率は約97%以上になります。
きちんとVMware VCP6-DCV資格2V0-621D勉強資料やって理解すれば合格できると思います。
VMware VCP6-DCV資格2V0-621D問題と解答を暗記できるまで、理解しながら,繰り返し解けば、合格できると思います。

1.An administrator is planning a vSphere infrastructure with the following specific networking requirements: The ability to shape inbound (RX) traffic Support for Private VLANs (PVLANs) Support for LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) What is the minimum vSphere Edition that will support these requirements?
A. vSphere Essentials Plus
B. vSphere Standard
C. vSphere Enterprise
D. vSphere Enterprise Plus
Answer: D

2.What two IT infrastructure components are virtualized by vSphere Essentials? (Choose two.)
A. Networks
B. Applications
C. Storage
D. Management
Answer: A, C

3.Which minor badge items make up the Efficiency badge score for an ESXi host in vCenter Operations Manager?
A. Workload, Anomalies, Faults
B. Workload, Stress, Density
C. Time Remaining, Capacity Remaining
D. Reclaimable Waste, Density
Answer: D

4.In a vSphere High Availability cluster, what is the VM Monitoring I/O stats interval default value?
A. 60 seconds
B. 90 seconds
C. 120 seconds
D. 180 seconds
Answer: C

5.An administrator enables High Availability (HA) on a Virtual SAN cluster. There are four vmkernel port groups with the following IP addresses assigned: Management: vMotion: Virtual SAN: Fault TolerancE. Which IP address will HA use for traffic?
Answer: C

6.An administrator wants to configure a High Availability cluster to allow virtual machines a 10 minute window to shut down in the event of a Host Isolation incident. What two configuration settings would satisfy this requirement? (Choose two.)
A. Set the advanced option das.isolationshutdowntimeout = 10.
B. Set the advanced option das.isolationshutdowntimeout = 600.
C. Configure Host Isolation Response to Shut Down and Restart VMs.
D. Configure Host Isolation Response to Power Off and Restart VMs.
Answer: B, C

7.A vSphere 6 High Availability cluster has been configured with default settings. Four virtual machines in the cluster have been configured with these priorities: Prod-DB. High Prod-Email: High Prod-VC. Medium Dev-VDI: Low How many VM Overrides would need to be defined at the cluster level to meet the restart priorities?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: B

8.Which two settings are required for Virtual Machine Component Protection (VMCP) to protect from All Paths Down (APD) and Permanent Device Loss (PDL)? (Choose two.)
A. Host Monitoring
B. VM Restart Priority
C. Virtual machine Monitoring
D. Response for Host Isolation
Answer: A, B

9.Which two options are available in the Virtual Machine Component Protection (VMCP) setting Response for Datastore with All Paths Down (APD)? (Choose two.)
A. Issue Events
B. Power off and restart virtual machines
C. Reset virtual machines
D. Leave Powered On
Answer: A, B

10.Which two statements regarding Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) affinity rules are true? (Choose two.)
A. When two VM-VM affinity rules conflict, the older one takes precedence and the newer rule is disabled.
B. Using Specify Failover Hosts admission control policy, VM-VM affinity rules are not supported.
C. DRS gives higher precedence to preventing violations of anti-affinity rules than violations of affinity rules.
D. It is not possible to create an affinity rule that conflicts with the other rules being used.
Answer: A, C

11.An administrator wants to set a non-default isolation address of for High Availability. Which advanced setting would accomplish this task?
A. Das.isolationaddress0=
B. Das.useisolationaddress0=
C. Das.defaultisolationaddress0=
D. Das.haisolationaddress0=
Answer: A

12.How does vSphere High Availability calculate the memory slot size of a virtual machine?
A. Virtual machine memory reservation + overhead of largest virtual machine
B. Virtual machine memory reservation – overhead of largest virtual machine
C. Virtual machine memory reservation + overhead of smallest virtual machine
D. Virtual machine memory reservation – overhead of smallest virtual machine
Answer: A



2V0-622D試験では、VMware vSphere 6.5環境のインストール、展開、拡張、および管理に必要なスキルがあることが検証されています。






試験名称:VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization Delta Exam
試験製品:vSphere 6.5
推奨トレーニング:VMware vSphere:新機能[V5.5からV6.5]
検証済み:VMware vSphere 6.5

VCP6.5-DCV認定2V0-622D試験は、ベストプラクティスを使用して、クラウドコンピューティングへの移行を加速するビジネス機敏性のための強力で柔軟性のある安全な基盤を提供する、vSphere V6.5インフラストラクチャの実装、管理、およびトラブルシューティング方法を知っていることを検証します。



セクション1 – vSphere 6.xセキュリティの構成と管理
セクション2 – vSphere 6.xネットワークの構成と管理
セクション3 – vSphere 6.xストレージの構成と管理
セクション4 – vSphereの展開を6.xにアップグレードする
セクション5 – vSphere 6.xリソースの管理と管理
セクション6 – vSphereデプロイメントのバックアップと復旧
セクション7 – vSphere展開のトラブルシューティング
セクション8 – ESXiホストの展開とカスタマイズ
セクション9 – vSphereおよびvCenterの可用性ソリューションの設定と管理
セクション10 – vSphere仮想マシンの管理と管理


1.When migrating a Windows vCenter Server 6.0 to the vCenter Server Appliance 6.5, which two will be migrated by default? (Choose two.)
A. Local Windows OS users and groups
B. Configuration
C. Custom ports
E. Historical and Performance data
Answer: C,E

2.A domain user is able to successfully log into the vSphere Web Client, but notices that the vCenter Server system does not appear in the inventory. Which is the cause of this situation?
A. The Service Control Agent service is not running.
B. The vCenter Server does not have anyhosts added to inventory yet.
C. The domain user has read-only permissions on vCenter Server.
D. The domain user does not have vCenter Server permissions.
Answer: D

3.An administrator attempts to manually reclaim space on thin-provisioned VMFS6 volumes but finds that no additional space is being recovered. Which could be causing this?
A. vSphere 6.5 does not support manual UNMAP.
B. The manual UNMAP operation has been moved to thevSphere web client.
C. The VASA version is use is incompatible.
D. UNMAP is automated for VMFS6.
Answer: D

4.An administrator has upgraded to vSphere 6.5 and also wants to use Kerberos authentication for NFS. Which can be done to the existing NFSv3 volumes to enable this feature?
A. Perform a storage rescan on VMFS volumes.
B. Unmount the NFSv3 datastore, and then mount as NFSv4.1 datastore.
C. Nothing. All NFSv3 mounted datastores are upgraded automatically during vSphere upgrades.
D. Perform a scan of new storage devices.
Answer: A

5.An administrator wants to restore the vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 from backup. Where can this be accomplished?
A. from the ESXi Host Client
B. from the VMware vSphere ApplianceManagement Interface
C. from within the VMware vSphere Web Client
D. from the vCenter Server Appliance Installer
Answer: B

6.Which is the predefined user name when publishing a Content Library?
A. admin
B. root
C. administrator
D. vcsp
Answer: D

7.Which three types of Content Libraries exist within vSphere 6.5? (Choose three.) A. Remote Content Library B. Published Content Library C. Local Content Library D. Shared Content Library E. Subscribed Content Library Answer: B,C,E

8.Which is the block size on the VMFS6 datastore?
A. All small and large file blocks are 8MB.
B. All small and large file blocks are 1MB.
C. Small file blocks are 512KB. large file blocks are 64MB.
D. Small file blocks are 1MB, large fileblocks are 512MB.
Answer: B

9.An ESXi host?ˉs VMCA-Signed certificate has expired. How can the certificate be renewed?
A. In the vSphere Web Client, browse to the host in question. Click the Manage tab and select settings. Select System and click Certificate, then click the Renew button.
B. In the vSphere Web Client, browse to the host in question.Click the Manage tab and select settings. Select System and click Certificate, then click the Refresh CA Certificates button.
C. Run the command /sbin/generate-certificates on the affected host.
D. Disconnect the host from vCenter Server and reconnect it.
Answer: B

10.Which is the correct order for upgrading vSphere components?
A. vCenter Server, ESXi hosts, VMware Tools, Virtual Machine hardware
B. VMware Tools, Virtual Machine hardware, ESXi hosts, vCenter Server
C. vCenter Server, Virtual Machine hardware, VMware tools, ESXi hosts
D. ESXi hosts, vCenter Server, Virtual Machine hardware, VMware Tools
Answer: D



PDF版 いつでも、携帯電話、コンピュータ、タブレットPCで勉強してもいいです。





「VMware Certified Professional 6 – Network Virtualization (NSX v6.2) Exam」試験 (2V0-642)は、制限時間 120 分、出題数 77 問、試験言語 英語と日本語、合格点 300点、試験形式 単一選択及び複数選択、受験料 250米ドルのVCP6-NV認定資格に関連する試験です。

VCP6-NV資格2V0-642試験では、VMware NSX 6.x環境のインストール、設定、および管理に関するスキルと能力がテストされます。



+セクション1:VMware NSXのテクノロジーとアーキテクチャを理解する
+セクション2:VMware NSX物理インフラストラクチャ要件の理解
+セクション4:VMware NSXのインストールとアップグレード
+セクション5:VMware NSX仮想ネットワークの設定
+セクション8:クロスvCenter NSX環境の展開
+セクション9:VMware NSX環境での操作タスクの実行


1.When creating a new security policy how is the default weight determined?
A. The default weight is equal to the highest defined weight plus 1000. B. The default weight is incremented by 100, starting at 0.
C. The default weight is equal to the highest defined weight minus 1000 D. The default weight is equal to the highest defined weight
Answer: A

2.Which two statements are true regarding L2 Bridges and Distributed Logical Routers? (Choose two)
A. Each L2 bridge instance can only map to a single VLAN
B. There can only be one instance of an L2 bridge on a DLR
C. There can be multiple instances of an L2 bridge on a DLR
D. Each L2 bridge instance can map to multiple VLANs.
Answer: AC

3.An NSX administrator is validating the setup for a new NSX implementation and Inputs this command. #ping ++netstack=vxlan -d -s1572 What is the purpose of the command?
A. It helps verify that the source virtual machine is configured with the proper MTU size foe NSX.
B. It helps verify that VXLAN segments are functional and the transport network supports the proper MTU size for NSX.
C. It helps verify that the NSX Controller is communicating with the destination VTEP
D. It helps verify that the NSX Logical Switch is routing packets to the destination host
Answer: A

4.To debug this anomaly, the user will need to obtain logs from which component?
A. The Distributed Logical Router
B. The appropriate NSX Controller(s)
C. The Edge Services Gateway
D. The appropriate ESXi Host(s)
Answer: A

5.What is the purpose of a DHCP Relay Agent in an NSX Edge configuration? A. Configures virtual machine interfaces to which DHCP messages are relayed
B. Configures Edge interfaces to which DHCP messages are relayed
C. Configures Edge interfaces from winch DHCP messages are relayed
D Configures virtual machine interfaces from which DHCP messages are relayed
Answer: A



2V0-602試験を独学で勉強する場合、PassexamのVMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-602問題集を最優先にすることが最も重要となります。
PassexamのVMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-602参考書の使用は認定試験に合格するための最も効果的な方法です。
最新のVMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-602学習材料を使用すると、試験合格するだけならば出来ると思います。
高いカバー率のVMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-602学習資料として、真実の試験と同じの出題内容で、受験者は気楽に試験に合格することができます。


「vSphere 6.5 Foundations Exam」試験 (2V0-602) は、制限時間 105 分、出題数 70 問、合格点 300、試験言語 英語及び日本語、検証 VMware vSphere 6.5、試験料 125米ドル、、試験形式 単一選択及び複数選択のVCP6.5-DCV, VCP6-DCV, VCP6-CMA, VCP7-CMA, VCP6-DTM, VCP7-DTM, VCP6-NV認定に関連する試験です。

VMware vSphere 6.5 Foundations試験(2V0-602)は、導入のスキルと能力に関する候補者をテストします。

VCP6.5-DCV認定資格がリリースされ、vSphere 6.5 Foundations ExamとVCP6.5-DCV Examを受験いただけるようになりました。


VMware vSphere:インストール、設定、管理[V6.5]
VMware vSphere:最適化と拡張[V6.5]
VMware vSphere:インストール管理の設定と最適化とスケールファーストトラック
VMware vSphere:公共部門のお客様向けのスキル[V6.5]
VMware vSphere:ファーストトラック[V6.5]
VMware vSphere:Workshop [V6.5]のトラブルシューティング
VMware認定試験準備:vSphere 6 Foundations v6.5試験(2V0-602)

弊社のVMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-602勉強資料が暗記してた問題の応用問題は役に立ちます。
弊社のVMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-602試験資料を選択した場合は、知識を統合するために時間とエネルギーを大幅に節約することができます。
もし、VMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-602試験材料を使用してから、不合格の場合、弊社で購入したお金を返金します。
弊社のVMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-602試験資料を繰り返すことで、知識を把握して試験に合格することができます。
受験者は弊社のVMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-602学習資料の参考に使用してから、出題内容を習得することができます。

1.What three shares are available when configuring a Resource Pool? (Choose three.)
A. Custom
B. low
C. Maximum
D. Normal
E. None
Answer: BCD

2.Which of the following are valid ISCSI adapter types for vSphere? (Choose three.)
A. Software
B. Independent Hardware
C. Converged Network Adapter
D. Dependent Hardware
Answer: ABD

3.Which two choices would make a Virtual Machine compatible when enabling Fault Tolerance? (Choose two.)
A. e1000e virtual network adapter
C. A Virtual CPUs (vCPU)
D. NIC passthrough
Answer: AD

4.A vSphere Administrator notices that they cannot login to vCenter Server with the vSphere Web Client, although the server is responding to pings. What is the next step in troubleshooting the login problem?
A. /etc/int.d/hostd restart
B. connect-viserver -server
C. vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms
D. service-control –status vmware-vpxd
Answer: B

5.Which three features can be configured during the Initial creation of a cluster? (Choose three.)
A. Proactive HA
Answer: BCD

6.The Triggered Alarm on the VM shows Virtual Machine Consolidation needed status. How would an administrator recover from this event?
A. This must be done from the command line.
B. The only possible method is to clone the VM.
C. In the vSphere WebCllent, open Snapshot Manager of the VM and then use the Delete all button
D. In the vSphere WebCllent select VM, right-click > Snapshots > Consolidate.
Answer: A

7.What two options are available when configuring a virtual flash resource on a virtual machine? (Choose two.)
A. Block Size
B. Limit
C. SCSI Controller
D. Reservation
Answer: BD

8.Which two options are available when migrating a powered off VM and relocating the attached disks? (Choose two.)
A. Thick Provision Eager Zeroed
B. Raw Device Mapping Physical Compatibility
C. Same format as source
D. Raw Device Mapping Virtual compatibility
Answer: AC

9.Some of the VMs in a vSphere DRS duster are not migrated as expected. Which three factors can affect DRS behavior? (Choose three.)
A. The currently configured TPS settings for the VMs.
B. VM Overrides
C. DRS Aggression Levels (Migration Threshold).
D. CPU, Memory, and Network Utilization.
E. The currently configured Enhanced vMotion Compatibility level for the duster.
Answer: BCD

10.A vSphere Administrator recently upgraded to vSphere 6.5 and wants to assign more than 4 TB of RAM to the virtual machine. What must happen first?
A. Make sure that the user account has administrative privileges at a global level.
B. Upgrade the Virtual Machine compatibility to version 13.
C. Obtain an ESXi server with an Intel Skylake CPU.
D. Make sure that there are no snapshots present on the virtual machine. Answer: A














【出題形式 】



vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V6]トレーニングで一通り、構文を理解した後、Passexamの問題集に取り組みました。



ステップ1:コース受講  + ステップ2:試験の合格>

vSphere: Install , Configure , Manage [V6 or V6.5]
vSphere を学び始め、インストールから各機能を学びたい方向け
vSphere: Optimize and Scale [V6 or V6.5]

1.vSphere 6 Foundations の受験
コースを受講後、試験を受けます。試験は2科目あり、まず vSphere 6 Foundations Exam(2V0-620)を

2.VCP6-DCV の受験
Foundations Examをパスしたら、VCP6-DCV ( 2V0-621) を受験します。こちらは試験センターで受験します。
コース受講、上記2科目をパスすると VCP6-DCV 取得となります。


+ Section 1: Configure and Administer vSphere 6.x Security
+ Section 2: Configure and Administer Advanced vSphere 6.x Networking
+ Section 3: Configure and Administer Advanced vSphere 6.x Storage
+ Section 4: Upgrade a vSphere Deployment to 6.x
+ Section 5: Administer and Manage vSphere 6.x Resources
+ Section 6: Backup and Recover a vSphere Deployment
+ Section 7: Troubleshoot a vSphere Deployment
+ Section 8: Deploy and Consolidate vSphere Data Center
+ Section 9: Configure and Administer vSphere Availability Solutions
+ Section 10: Administer and Manage vSphere Virtual Machines


1.An administrator wants to provide users restricted access. The users should only be able to perform the following tasks: -Create and consolidate virtual machine snapshots -Add/Remove virtual disks -Snapshot Management Which default role in vCenter Server would meet the administrator’s requirements for the users?
A. Virtual machine user
B. Virtual machine power user
C. Virtual Datacenter administrator
D. VMware Consolidated Backup user
Answer: B

2.Which two roles can be modified? (Choose two.)
A. Administrator
B. Network Administrator
C. Datastore Consumer
D. Read-Only
Answer: B, C

3.An administrator with global administrator privileges creates a custom role but fails to assign any privileges to it. Which two privileges would the custom role have? (Choose two.)
A. System.View
B. System.Anonymous
C. System.User
D. System.ReadOnly
Answer: A, B

4.An administrator wishes to give a user the ability to manage snapshots for virtual machines. Which privilege does the administrator need to assign to the user?
A. Datastore.Allocate Space
B. Virtual machine.Configuration.create snapshot
C. Virtual machine.Configuration.manage snapshot
D. Datastore.Browse Datastore
Answer: A

5.An object has inherited permissions from two parent objects. What is true about the permissions on the object?
A. The common permissions between the two are applied and the rest are discarded.
B. The permissions are combined from both parent objects.
C. No permissions are applied from the parent objects.
D. The permission is randomly selected from either of the two parent objects.
Answer: B